The First Lady and the Rebel

As the Civil War cracks the country in two, Mary Lincoln stands beside her husband praying for a swift Northern victory. But as the body count rises, Mary can’t help but fear each bloody gain. Because her beloved sister Emily is across party lines, fighting for the South, and Mary is at risk of losing both her country and her family in the tides of a brutal war.

Emily Todd Helm has married the love of her life. But when her husband’s convictions pull them into a war neither wants to join, she must make a choice. Stand by the family she has built in the South or stand against the sister she has always loved best.

With a country’s legacy at stake, how will two sisters shape history?

“Higginbotham does a great job portraying her characters with complexity and nuance, while also illuminating the circumstances of a war that tore families apart. Historical fiction enthusiasts will delight in this revealing view of the relationship between Union supporter Mary and her Southern-sympathizing sister.” – Publishers Weekly

“This work pays meticulous attention to historical detail while weaving an enthralling tale of the private life of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln, as well as the ups and downs of Mary’s relationship with Emily. This page-turner will please those who enjoy Civil War–era settings.” – Library Journal

“Higginbotham is a meticulous researcher, and The First Lady and the Rebel reveals a tenuous, often fraught relationship, not uncommon between two sisters, that will fascinate her readers.” – Booklist

“Well-told and engaging…an enjoyable and solid piece of historical fiction.” – All About Romance



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