Your Favorite Henrys

Of the 39 people who voted for their favorite King Henry, Henry II won, with 15 votes. Henry VIII and Henry V each got 7. Henry VII managed 4 votes, Henry III 3, Henry VI 2, and Henry I 1. Poor Henry IV got no votes. Ian Mortimer, where are you?

6 thoughts on “Your Favorite Henrys”

  1. Awww, poor Henry IV! Odd that Henrys III and VI got votes and he didn't!

    Hmmm, I might have to add a 'favourite King Edward' poll to my blog…;)

  2. Nice to see you give a shout out to Ian Mortimer's terrific biography of Henry IV. I read the book last summer and it really changed my view of the ultimately tragic, unfairly overlooked (yes, here's looking at you, Thomas Costain) and maligned sovereign.

  3. You know that you now will have to write a blogpost to rehabilitate poor neglected Henry IV. 🙂

    My favourite Henrys aka Heinrichs are Heinrich the Lion Duke of Saxony, and Emperor Heinrich IV (of Canossa fame) – see there you got one vote. 🙂 Though the English Henry II is interesting, too.

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