You Bastards!

While inputting my latest acquisition, The Bastard King by Jean Plaidy, into Library Thing, I took a side trip to Amazon and noticed that there are quite a few variations on this theme. Namely:

King’s Bastard (Charlotte Denis)
The King’s Bastard (Hebe Elsna)
The Bastard King : Book One Scepter of Mercy (Dan Chernenko)
Bastard Prince (Katherine Kurtz)
The Queen’s Bastard (Robin Maxwell)
Bastard Princess (Claudia Edwards)
Wife to the Bastard (Hilda Lewis)

So how’d all of these bastards come about? Here’s a couple of possibilities:

One Night With a Prince (Sabrina Jeffries)
In the Prince’s Bed (Sabrina Jeffries–I sense a theme here)
To Pleasure a Prince (Sabrina Jeffries–yessir, there’s a theme)

And for the ladies:

The Princess and Her Pirate (Lois Greiman)

And the always popular standby:

My Devilish Scotsman (Jen Holling)

Sweet dreams, y’all.

3 thoughts on “You Bastards!”

  1. Lol, the original title of my NiP Kings and Rebels was The Exiles – until I one day checked with Amzon. Do you have an idea how many exiles there are around? No one lives at home, it seems. 🙂

    The new title fits the revised version better, too.

  2. Bastard has all the attention-grabbing shock value of a Bad Word, which makes it great for catching someone’s attention. Plus it has connotations of illicit sex, ooooh. Easy marketing ploy!
    Out of idle curiosity, were all three of the Sabrina Jeffries novels the same Prince?

    Gabriele – oh dear, the current title for my next one has ‘exile’ in it. Never mind.

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