Would You Like to Come to My Place and See My Suit of Armor?

I was reading “God Squad,” a syndicated column by Marc Gellman and Thomas Hartman, this morning and was struck by this question from a reader: “My daughter just started dating a guy who told her he was a Templar Knight.”

Well, you can’t say the guy doesn’t have an original pickup line. (The God Squad suggested that the daughter might want to find another boyfriend.)

On the historical fiction front, I’m reading The Ivy Crown by Mary Luke, about Katherine Parr. It’s well written, but it’s proceeding at an extremely leisurely pace–I’m over 100 pages into it, and Katherine Parr’s still not married her second husband! At the moment, she’s in the periphery of the events happening over at court and has very little to do than to give her opinions on various matters and dispense good advice to her friends. Thomas Seymour shows up once in a while to get poor Kate’s heart afluttering. At least he doesn’t tell her that he’s a Templar Knight.

Coming soon: a chance to meet a very special author.

9 thoughts on “Would You Like to Come to My Place and See My Suit of Armor?”

  1. Didn’t I mention that Templar Knights were hot these days? But I really didn’t mean it in the personal-ad sense, just in fiction…

  2. I’d take a Templar Knight over the shrinking violets, blokeheads and psychopaths that have been after me any day.

    I really don’t know why I attract guys who think there’s a giant conspiracy of the Russian, Israelian and US secret services with an aim they could never make clear to me, pimple skinned students of sociology who can’t open their mouth but stare like a rabbit in front of a snake, and those who simply say they want to sleep with me. I prefer the last sort, at least you can tell them off in various snarky ways. But how can you tell off a guy who doesn’t speak to you in the first place, or who thinks you’re member of some secret service you’ve never heard about?

  3. Susan Higginbotham

    Alex, sadly the reader didn’t go into detail about the boyfriend’s background, but a re-enactor sounds likely to me!

    Gabriele, it’s been years since anyone came on to me. Worse I ever had wasn’t a come-on, but an incident in the 1970’s when two Moonies latched onto my friend and me as we were heading for breakfast in college and accompanied us all of the way to the cafeteria, singing, “You are my sunshine . . .”

  4. Most of that happened during university time. I don’t go out any more nowadays, and when I travel alone I bring a book everywhere to hide behind. 🙂

    And if someone starts a conversation by asking me what I read and then says he’s never heard about the book, he gets a, “you don’t? But everyone who calls himself educated ought to know that book,” or something like that reply. Mwuhaha

    I have no patience with flirting guys any longer. That is, I never had. 🙂

  5. Oh, lord, could I tell you stories about this. I’m old enough so that students in the library pretty much leave me alone, but instead, I get not-very-subtle come-ons from older male faculty. A couple weekends ago, this one prof insisted on telling me his favorite part of this Roman novel in excruciating detail (“did you know in those days, they kept women in cages for, well, you know”) – UGH – as well as another who insisted on asking me whether I saw any overt symbolism in Georgia O’Keeffe’s flower paintings. I’m about to adopt the bun-and-cardigan look when I work at Reference from now on.

  6. I’ve managed to ooze ice whenever a man looks at me, or to be more precise, at my two little friends. I really don’t want to forego wearing spaghetti halter tops on a hot summer day because those idiots have their brains you know where.

    I think should I work again and have to deal with obnoxious colleagues/customers, I’ll be going to wear my grandmother’s wedding ring and make up a husband. After all, I’m pretty good at inventing characters, lol.

  7. Susan Higginbotham

    Goodness, all the stuff I miss by having a home office! The closest I get is dating spam, and most of these spammers seem to be under the impression that I’m a man.

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