Why I Am Cranky Today

1) The temperature here today is going to be 94 degrees. This is October. It should be at least twenty degrees cooler. I am still wearing summer clothes, and I hate summer clothes. Especially since I’ve been wearing them since bloody April.

2) Troy had one Trojan horse. My computer (not the one on which I’m writing this blog) appears to have about a dozen, none of which any anti-virus programs have succeeding in deleting or blocking.

3) I am going to have to find someone to fix my computer. The last time this occurred, the offending file was deleted. Unfortunately, so were all of my other files.

3) The local bridges are not adorned with the heads of the (insert your own description here; this is a family-friendly blog) who created the Trojan horses that have infected my PC.

Ah, for a little medieval punishment for hackers.

7 thoughts on “Why I Am Cranky Today”

  1. Sorry about all of the above. I think you have our weather from last weekend. Mid-90s in Illinois in October. I hate it. We’re down to 80 today, so I guess I should be happy with that.

  2. Sympathise re the computer! Not so much about the weather, though. I think you’ve stolen all our good weather over there. We seem to have gone from winter directly back to winter this year, apart from the odd warmish day.

  3. Elizabeth Kerri Mahon

    Sorry about all of the above. We finally experience a break in the cold weather here in New York, and now it’s freezing. Time to break out the cute sweaters!

  4. We’ve been in the 90’s as well. But today, the high is a whopping 60-something and this morning it was 46! Hopefully our weather is on its way to you.

  5. I’m for the heads on the bridges. Not only for hackers but also for spammers. 🙂

    And trolls should get their hands hacked off so they can’t misuse keyboards any longer.

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