When Felicity and Populating in Peacefulness Are Just Not Enough

Every now and then, as with this example from a couple of months ago, a review of The Traitor’s Wife will get sucked in by an online translator and spat out. Here’s the latest very strange example:

of Both Universes
“The Traitor’s Married woman: A Novel of the Sovereignty of Duke of Windsor II” author Susan Higginbotham: BOOK REVIEW
May 20th, 2008

The Treasonists wife is the story of Eleanor de Clare, the Granddaughter of Male monarch Edward VIII I. The story starts with Eleanor as a young teen got hitched with to Hugh le Despenser. The friction match makes both Eleanor and Hugh very felicitous but felicity is not enough for Hugh. He pushes and fights to derive more until he carries off his own devastation. Eleanor lives through the sovereignties of Edward II, her beloved uncle, and Duke of Windsor III, her first cousin. She is flipped about by the intrigues and eyed monsters of others in a mode that can only be through by Queens, Rexs and consorts. Through all of this her only desire is to populate in peacefulness with her kids and Hugh.

I acknowledge that it was puzzling for a spell stating all the Jonathan Edwards, Hughs, Joans and Isabelles apart but the story, disdain the superfluity of Eleanors, was gripping. It had got fascinated, schemes and romance. I matted up every hurt and iniquity that was imposed upon Eleanor and her house. Queen Isabella, Queen regnant of Edward VIII II was a dead on target scoundrel. She was self wrapped, grabby and mean. I cherished Eleanor to be felicitous. I cherished Female monarch Isabella I to decease an ugly decease. Alas, Isabella the Catholic populated to be an older adult female.

The castanets of this story came up from historic fact and corroboration devising the fictional characters all the more existent to me. As with most historic fable it exalts me to larn more of the time period. I would advocate this book to anyone with an interest in the mediaeval time period.

The Treasonists Married woman

(The unmangled review can be found here.)

3 thoughts on “When Felicity and Populating in Peacefulness Are Just Not Enough”

  1. Nan Hawthorne

    And I thought the Babelfish Game was fun.. nothing is stranger than fiction. As fond as I was of hearing that the queen was self-wrapped, I actually think your post title is the best part of this.


  2. LOL Susan… it all sounds like when I try and translate Anglo-Norman into English with the Hub dictionary! I wonder if anyone has bought the book on the strength of this review!!!

    Mind you, I’m pretty sure Hugh was quite happy populating – whether in peacefulness or no!!

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