8 thoughts on “What Edward V and the Woodvilles Should Have Had”

  1. Walked into W H Smith big UK bookshop chain and read it for nothing. Just as well as I don't pay $35 for nothing. Surprising WHS has PG down in 5th place

    Rather suprised nobody your side of the pond has mentioned Jasper Tudor as a possible father. First picked it up in some novel by Noel de Vic Beamish – real name Anne O'Meara Beamish called The Blooming of the Rose 1962. Further details on R3S UK Fiction list

  2. OMG

    I don't know quite what happened but when I tick the yes of the dialogue boxes that pop up, up comes a copy of the previous posting.

    What should have appeared was this.

    'Why didn't their Italian relations inform them about the latest craze that was sweeping Italy at the time – the poisoned chalice. I day say the Borgias who knew the Orsini quite well would have been delighted to help out.'

    A propos the Borgias it seems Lucrezia is another PUMBHF and in dire need of Alianore's support group

  3. Lol, and member of the Victim of a Bad Opera Libretto club, too. I really LOVE opera, but some of the libretti and the plays and novels they're often based on ….. oh dear.

    More members for the Maligned club would be both Macbeth and his wife, btw.

  4. Perhaps they've all suffered from the Shakespeare Syndrome, dramatist first and historian last.

    No doubt today given Hollywood's take on history he'd be earning mega-bucks by the bucketful as a screenwriter!!!!

  5. Susan Higginbotham

    Glad you liked it, folks! Everyone needs a Dummies book break now and then.

    At the library sale, I heard someone joking about a book called "Overcoming Low Self-Esteem for Dummies."

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