Well, Dog My Cats, as We Say Down South

Announcing 2008 Independent Publisher Book Awards Results
12th Annual IPPY Awards to be presented in Los Angeles on May 30th


11. Historical/Military Fiction
Gold: The Traitor’s Wife: A Novel of the Reign of Edward II, by Susan Higginbotham (iUniverse)
Silver (tie): Trail of the Red Butterfly, by Karl H. Schlesier (Texas Tech University Press) and Hundred in the Hand, by Joseph M. Marshall III (Fulcrum Publishing)
Bronze: Rosebloom, by Christine Keleny (CK Books); The Telemachia: A History by Antimenes of Argos, by Michael Barnes Selvin (Lulu.com)

13 thoughts on “Well, Dog My Cats, as We Say Down South”

  1. Well done Susan! You provide inspiration and hope for the rest of us historical writers!

    What a star!

  2. Congrats, Susan! That’s great news.

    (I thought I’d posted a comment yesterday – evidently Blogger ate it.)

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