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Yesterday (yes, I should have been writing), I added a couple of pages to my website. One is a page with contemporary quotes about Margaret of Anjou (I’ll be adding to it), and the other is a gallery of images of Margaret of Anjou as well as samples of her signatures. If you’ve visited Margaret’s Facebook page, you’ve seen the images, but for those who aren’t on Facebook, now you can see them on my website!

Incidentally, while Margaret is delighted that her fellow maligned monarch, Edward II, has so many friends on Facebook, she is quite appalled that Edward IV’s younger brother, Richard III, has over six times as many Facebook friends as Margaret! Do make Margaret feel better by befriending her on Facebook. (At least the gregarious Edward IV doesn’t have a Facebook page at all. Yet.)

4 thoughts on “Website Updates”

  1. I'm not sure Edward IV would have needed Facebook. He was quite good at finding friends the old fashioned way. 😉

  2. Yay for Edward II and Margaret having so many friends on FB! May they have many, many more.

    Love your Margaret gallery!

  3. The Prodigal Tourist

    Agree with Ragged Staff–Edward IV did just fine on his own! So interesting that these others have FB pages, and even more interesting that Margaret has time to check them out!

  4. Susan Higginbotham

    Ragged Staff, true! But I'm surprised he hasn't tried to expand his circle of friends–especially lady friends–with new technology!

    Kathryn, thanks!

    Prodigal Tourist, welcome! (Love your avatar.) Yes, now that Margaret's retired, so to speak, she does have Facebook time.

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