Waiting for Harley: Day 2

So no Harleian MS in the mail today. Was I surprised? Nope. I just knew that I’d have to keep coming up with Good Things, Only Good Things to Say About Richard III to get that bad karma gone.

Tonight’s special? Well, Richard had a really nifty emblem, the white boar. You can see it here. (The Society That Does Not Send Books on Time also has pictures, but they’re not getting any link love from me until I have my Harley in my hands.)

While we’re on the topic of pigs, those of you from overseas and outside of the midwestern and southern United States may be completely unfamiliar with Piggly Wiggly supermarkets. Feast your eyes on their logo merchandise, and ask yourself, whose pig do you prefer, Richard’s or Piggly Wiggly’s? (I, of course, am not responsible if you answer “Piggly Wiggly.”)

7 thoughts on “Waiting for Harley: Day 2”

  1. Tut tut tut, Susan! You must try harder (or better: suppress the naughty asides), if you really want to lift the ban. Or ask the Grand Wizbar. (I’ve just begun reading Diana Rubino’s One Too Many Times, and enjoy it tremendously so far.)


  2. lol! Maybe the karma gods aren’t impressed with your efforts so far. As for your poll, as the mother of a teenage daughter, I had to go with that answer. Now instead of saying that my daughter will think I’m right about something when hell freezes over, it will be when Susan gets her Harley.

  3. Lol. Well, I like Richard’s boar better. Piggly Wiggly is one of those overfed pigs with more antibiotics in the meat than a hospital store, while Rich’s will make some nice venison. Yum.

  4. LOL… and this is only day 2!!! How many more before we need to straitjacket you hehe?!

    Just to help you along – I think that Rich has a very nice boar – in fact I wouldn’t mind some of his sausage right now 😉

  5. That would certainly be an improvement to the funny little things you get served with an English breakfast. 😛

  6. When I first read this, I thought you were getting a motorcycle.
    Yes, I have been to a piggy wiggly – Birmingham Alabama.

  7. Susan Higginbotham

    Hi, all! Still some seriously bad karma going on here, I’m afraid, because no Harley came Friday or Saturday. (I may give it all up and switch to the other type of Harley. At least then I’d be able to wear a neat leather jacket. Though riding with spectacles might be a little awkward.)

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