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A couple of pre-Labor Day thoughts:

Check out Pauline Montagna’s The Romance of History, an ezine discussing historical romance and historical fiction. There’s an essay by Pauline about Regency romances, an article by Francis A. Miniter about James Clavell’s Shogun, and a couple of reviews by yours truly.

I’ve got myself a Myspace site up now, having browsed over there a few times to see what the fuss was all about. Myspace is quite entertaining, though heavy on the ads, and it’s fun seeing who shows up there. (Shakespeare, Richard III, and Henry VIII’s wives all have profiles there. So far, only Shakespeare has visited my page, but I’ve hopes that the rest of the gang will follow.)

3 thoughts on “This ‘n’ That”

  1. Oops, the formatting went totally haywire on that last comment! I’m not very good at inserting links. I’ve got an Edward II MySpace site now – part of my plan to make him more famous (though I doubt many people are very interested…;)

  2. Thank you so much for the e-zine link.

    As I commented at Carla’s blog, the author’s introduction really hit home with me. I too have found my carefully researched historical romance put up against what is “little more than erotica in long skirts and is neither historical nor romantic.”


    Subscribing to the e-zine sounds like a loverly idea. Frustration loves company and all that (I’m not miserable, just annoyed and frustrated with the state of romance publishing.)

  3. Susan Higginbotham

    Glad Edward II’s on Myspace, Alianore!

    Nessili, glad you liked the link. I too was impressed by Pauline’s introduction, and I’ve heard others express similar frustrations.

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