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First, as some of the readers of this blog may have frequented the Historical bulletin board, which has been down since Friday, I wanted to let you know that the moderators of that board (including me) have started a new site, Historical Fiction Online. It has all of the features that people enjoyed on the old site, and we’ll be adding more. It’s one of the friendliest sites on the web for discussing historical fiction and related topics, so stop on by and sign up!

Second, a couple of weeks ago, I was delighted to get a review copy of Sharon Penman’s Devil’s Brood in the mail. I finished reading it last week, and I recommend it heartily. Penman does a remarkable job of bringing Henry, Eleanor, and their sons, a flawed bunch if ever there was one, to sympathetic life.

Third, I’m eagerly waiting for August to get through so I can get Michelle Moran’s new novel, due in mid-September, and Philippa Gregory’s, also due in mid-September. Roll on, fall!

6 thoughts on “This and That”

  1. I am so excited about the new site! Thank you to whoever was involved in the re-creation. I have been lost for the past 6 days!

    I too will be purchasing The Devil’s Brood the day it comes out!

  2. Lynn Irwin Stewart

    I have DEVIL’S BROOD on order from Amazon. I have all of Penman’s books but have only read (so far) SUNNE IN SPLENDOUR, which will always be on my top ten list.

  3. I found the new HF board last night, and was very pleased to see it. Well done to all of you for getting the new site up and running so fast!

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