The Traitor’s Wife Giveaway: Day 5 and Final

And yesterday’s lucky winner was . . . Highland Lassie! (From MySpace).

I got a lot of good suggestions for potential Isabellas, and while I fend off telephone calls from their agents, here’s our last giveaway question. (We’re talking EASY here.)

Which Despenser does not appear in The Traitor’s Wife?

1. Hugh
2. Hugh
3. Hugh
4. Pez

6 thoughts on “The Traitor’s Wife Giveaway: Day 5 and Final”

  1. ‘Pez Despenser’ would not appear in a novel about Edward II; but ‘Orange Pomander’ might… Anything to give a traitor a nice aroma…(evil g).

  2. *Snorts with laughter*

    Ummm, tricky, but I’m going to have to say Pez. 😉 Pez Despenser does have a certain ring to it, though, and Des Despenser is even better.

  3. I’m probably too late for this one, but I’m thinking Pez. Though I like a Pez myself….

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