The Traitor’s Wife Giveaway: Day 2

And the lucky winner from yesterday is . . . Chris MacDonald! Send me your snail mail address, Chris, and I’ll shoot a copy off to you.

I’m pleased to say, by the way, that everyone identified Edward II as being Edward III’s father. (A nice outcome for Father’s Day week.)

Here’s the Day 2 quiz, which you may find more complicated. Again, enter by leaving a comment on the blog or by e-mailing me at Anyone’s eligible, including previous entrants (except for the winner)! Contest closes on June 13 at noon EST.

In the 2005 edition of The Traitor’s Wife, Susan misidentified the Earl of Northampton as William de Clinton. (William de Clinton was Earl of Huntingdon; the Earl of Northampton was William de Bohun.) Why did Susan do this?

1. Susan is a Democrat who couldn’t resist putting a guy named “William de Clinton” into her book.

2. Susan is a Republican, but Hilary Clinton made her do it.

3. One of the cats walked over Susan’s keyboard.

4. Susan was hitting the Old Peculier hard at the time.

5. This was not an error, but a clever postmodernistic device wherein Susan sought to demonstrate the inherent unreliability of all written narratives. So there.

10 thoughts on “The Traitor’s Wife Giveaway: Day 2”

  1. Sheesh – I didn’t answer yesterday because I thought it must be a trick quaetion somehow & I was racking my brains trying to figure out how it couldn’t be Edward II. Talk about second guessing myself!

    This time since I have no idea at all of the real answer it’s much easier. I’ll pick number 1 because it’s the funniest. 🙂

  2. I’m going to guess #5, because I’m sure you’re an impeccable researcher and wouldn’t have made a mistake that was unintentional!

  3. It’s definitely number 5…I didn’t notice the error when I read your novel, so obviously, both of us were just being brilliantly postmodernist…;)

  4. One of the cats walked over the keyboard and typed de Clinton (the cat had never heard of De Bohun, hadn’t heard that name on television)
    Susan A

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