The Reign of Edward II as Told by the King

(King Elvis, of course)

“This Is The Story”

“Your Life Has Just Begun”

“Can’t Help Falling in Love”

“He Is My Everything”

“From A Jack To A King”

“Hey Little Girl”

“The Girl I Never Loved”

“He’ll Have To Go”

“Don’t Be Cruel”

“Without Him”

“Every Effort has Been Made”

“My Boy”

“I Need Somebody To Lean On”

“I Can Help”

“He Knows Just What I Need”

“Woman Without Love”

“What She’s Really Like”

“Mean Woman Blues”

“My Baby Left Me”

“When It Rains It Really Pours”

“That’s What You Get For Loving Me”

“I Want To Be Free”

“Out Of Sight Out Of Mind”

“Fire Down Below”

“There Goes My Everything”


“Write To Me From Naples”

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