The Last Search Terms Post of 2012

elizabeth woodville richard iii affair

Well, that explains a lot.

susan higginbotham disney

With my two cats and two dogs as my cute talking sidekicks.

bad news of susan higginbotham

Does this mean Disney won’t be making the movie after all?

katherine woodville is a same sex marriage supporter

She tried for years to get Edward IV and William, Lord Hastings to come out of the closet, but they just didn’t think England was ready.

why wasnt margaret of anjou popular

She didn’t wear the right clothes or have the right phone.

who advised edward ii info for kids

To be followed by the picture book: Edward and Hugh’s Very Bad Day

did catherine parr dislike anything

Nope. Not even asparagus.

what was katherine howard like was she nice

She was swell! Just ask  Catherine Parr.

what happened to edward seymour when he died

Primary sources are almost are in agreement that he stopped living.

why did henry vii destroy titulus regius

His mother, Margaret Beaufort, had taken up origami, and it was the closest piece of paper handy.

how to make a paper anne boleyn hat

Just ask Margaret Beaufort.

8 thoughts on “The Last Search Terms Post of 2012”

  1. Ah, so that’s the REAL reason Hastings was executed — Richard III just couldn’t handle The Truth about his brother and took it all out on poor William :).

    These are better search terms than I usually get — apart from book and author searches (which are to be expected) most of mine these days are variations on “George Boleyn wife abuser” “George Boleyn rapist” “George Boleyn cruel” with Jane Boleyn thrown in now and then for variety. Oddly, I never get any rape-related searches about Thomas Culpepper.

  2. You get good search terms…the only one I had for my blog (Keep Going You Fool!) that really made me laugh was “can you keep going after ejaculation.” I wonder why he hit my link?

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