The Company One Keeps

Being a little lazy tonight, instead of revising My Heart Split with Sorrow, I started poking around in the Library of Congress catalog for some familiar names. I liked this list of entries adjacent to Hugh le Despenser the younger:

Despenser, Hugh le, the younger, d 1326.
Despentes, Virginie, 1969-
Desperado City
Desperado (Motion picture)
Desperadoes (Musical group)
Desperadoes Steel Band
Desperadoes Steel Orchestra
Desperadoes Steelband
D’Esperance, E. (Elizabeth), 1855-1919
D’Esperance, Elizabeth, 1855-1919
Desperate housewives (Television program)

How’d a nice lady like Elizabeth D’Esperance end up in such shady company? And who the heck is she? Well, now we know. On the other hand, Virginie Despentes might be a match for Hugh.

Sadly, searches for Edward II, Piers Gaveston, Roger Mortimer, and Isabella all proved rather unamusing, as did my search for everyone’s favorite fifteenth-century king. No doubt certain folk would find this juxtaposition apt, however:

Woodville, Elizabeth, 1437?-1492
Woodville gold mine, Orange Co., Va.

Some ego-searching brought up several Higginbothams, along with a company known as Higginbothams (Private) Ltd., which has produced not only the invaluable “City guide of Hyderabad & Secunderabad” but the “Latest road guide to Tamil Nadu.” Now if I find myself in either locale, I certainly know which maps to purchase.

Finally, a few lines down from the numerous entries for Henry VIII, I found this entry:

Henry (Whaleship)

So that’s how he traveled after he got out of shape.

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