Talking ‘Bout Those Tudors

A while back, I did an article for the Historical Novel Society’s Solander magazine on the Laurien Gardner series of novels about Henry VIII’s wives. (To date, three have been published.) I’ve been given permission to reprint the article on my website, so take a look here.

Speaking of the Tudors, after a prolonged absence during which I began to experience severe withdrawal symptoms (such as trying to arrange all of my belongings by the Library of Congress cataloging system and date-stamping my children), I finally made it back to my favorite university library last weekend. I picked up some interesting books, including S. B. Chrimes’ biography of Henry VII (with the dazzlingly apt title of Henry VII). I haven’t the chance to read it straight through, but have been flipping through it at random, and I’m finding it fascinating. Most historical fiction, if it depicts Henry at all, tends to focus on his avarice, so it’s interesting to learn about the other aspects of his character. I’ll be adding a copy of this one to my already overcrowded shelves.

And speaking of Henrys, I’m making this a Henry month, as Ian Mortimer’s The Fears of Henry IV is on the way!

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