Steal a Look at The Stolen Crown

I noticed tonight that the “Look Inside” feature on The Stolen Crown‘s Amazon page has gone live, so head on over and take a peek!

Here are some Amazon statistics for you:

A search for the word “Richard” in The Stolen Crown turns up 227 results.

A search for the word “Edward” turns up 175 results.

A search for the word “Henry” turns up 109 results.

A search for the word “Anne” turns up 71 results.

A search for the word “Melusine” turns up no results. See, I promised you!

6 thoughts on “Steal a Look at The Stolen Crown”

  1. I’ve been looking into the legends of Melusine and some interesting results including the story linking her to the Scottish Royals, she turns up on a number of Germans coats of arms and not last but not least the City Arms of Warsaw!

    The Luxembourg connection began when some guy called Count Siegfried of the Ardennes acquired the feudal rights to Luxembourg, being a descendant of Guy de Lusignan, one of Melusine’s many husbands – it seems Siegfried or Sigifroid was another! Interestingly enough Luxembourg brought out a postage stamp in 1997commemorating it.

    There’s another Melusine connection with the UK Royal Family. It seems George 1’s mistress who became Duchess of Kendal was actually christened Melusine – gulp!

    But what has me gulping the most is the fact that some Smart Alec has likened the Starbucks logo to Melusine. Triple gulp but not Starbucks coffee.

  2. Congratulations, Susan! I read the Preview on Amazon, and love the introduction of Harry and Kate.

    I need to read your 'Traitor's Wife' first though, and look forward to doing so in the next month or so.

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