Spicing Up the Texas State Comptroller’s Office

Bloggers who are more au courant than I am (that is, most bloggers) have already hit upon this one, but in case you haven’t heard, a romance novel has become an issue in the Texas race for State Comptroller. Seems that years ago, the Republican candidate, Susan Combs, wrote a steamy romance novel, A Perfect Match. The Democratic candidate, Fred Head, noting that Combs is an advocate of abstinence education, has seized upon this, deeming the novel “pornography” and declaring on his website that Combs is “a two faced, hypocrite who was obviously more concerned with her literary career and seeing her name in print than the morals of the young People of Texas who are exposed to her 222 page book, A Perfect Match, which has her name at the top of every other page.”

(As pointed out here, Mr. Head evidently hasn’t heard of his near namesake, running heads. And “Fred Head”? Sounds like a character in a porno film to me.)

Moving on, however, a glance at the State Comptroller’s website shows that some mighty dull books are published there. If Ms. Combs does get elected (and if Mr. Head can’t think of any better campaign issues, I daresay she probably will), there’s an opportunity for her to spice things up by combining her old avocation with her new career.

Take, for instance, this publication, “Auditing Fundamentals”:

The entrance conference is a meeting between the auditor and the taxpayer or taxpayer’s designated representative, prior to beginning the examination of the taxpayer’s books and records. This is generally the first face-to-face meeting between the taxpayer or representative and the auditor.

The entrance conference is the foundation of a good audit and generally sets the tone of the auditor’s dealings with the taxpayer. The taxpayer should be left with the impression that the auditor will be honest and fair, flexible and interested in serving the taxpayer, and willing to educate and assist the taxpayer.

Now let’s add some spice by naming the auditor “Kirk” and the taxpayer “Fawn”:

Kirk strode into the meeting room, his rippling muscles barely showing the effort of carrying the taxpayer books and records he bore under one tanned arm. Then he stopped.

Sitting at the table, her skirt hiked high over her luscious thighs, was the most beautiful taxpayer he had ever seen.

Fawn’s silk blouse barely concealed her ample breasts as she gazed down at her itemized deduction form. Kirk followed her sapphire-blue eyes to the line that read “Filing Status.” She was single.

Single. Available. And soon she would be his. He knew it in his aching groin. This would be a good audit. Good for them both.

She parted her full, lush, red lips, showing blindingly white teeth.

“Educate and assist me,” Fawn purred.

3 thoughts on “Spicing Up the Texas State Comptroller’s Office”

  1. LOL. I was a writer/editor for the FAA once upon a time. Wish we could have rewritten our stuff like that.

    Pilot: Earth to Chris, come in Chris. Hey, I’ve been talking at you for the past five minutes. What are you reading that’s got you so enthralled?

    Co-pilot: (in a hushed voice) The new FAA flight regulations. I’m telling ya, man. You’ve got to read this. And the illustrations…

  2. Susan Higginbotham

    Love it, Nessili! Imagine all the fun that could be had with some of these agency pubs.

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