Speaking of Margaret of Anjou’s Marriage . . .

My husband found this print in a rare bookstore when we were visiting Richmond, Virginia, last weekend. There were a whole bunch of prints of English royalty in this vein, but, alas, I could only get this one!

11 thoughts on “Speaking of Margaret of Anjou’s Marriage . . .”

  1. I know it's still early and I hope my eyes are deceiving me, but isn't her groom just a tad bit shorter than her?

  2. I like the wee dog with the little coat that seems to match the cloak of the woman being married. Waste not, want not!

  3. It's lovely, Susan. Husbands do have their uses. Mine found the Reminiscences of Lady Dorothy Nevill (published 1906) the other day at a market stall (for a princely $7). She was married to a direct descendant of George Nevill, lord Bergavenny. I haven't taken a proper look at it yet, but I'm fascinated by the very different lives of the women in 2 centuries and the very startling similarities.

  4. The correct title which is a Welsh one and my Welsh blood is in overdrive at the moment is Abergavenny the Welsh town close to what is and was known as the Welsh March. The ‘Aber’ derives from the Welsh term meaning ‘Mouth of a River‘ such as Aberystwyth and curiously enough the Welsh town of Barmouth originally Aber Mawddwy. And I know all about Mawddwy or rather Dinas Mawddwy the birth place and childhood home of one of my great-grand-fathers

    And guess where another was born and brought up – only the Bogside in Derry (Ireland). So this great-grandfather went east rather than west – so what. And guess who gave him the chance to make something of himself – he ended up in Birmingham – Birmingham England that is not Birmingham Alabama – at that time centre of the engineering trade and very well did my Great-Grandpa do for himself who was into ecumenism before the various religious bodies. And why not given that the guy who gave him the chance was as is known as a Proddie (Protestant).

    There’s a BBC programme called ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ now with its American equivalent.
    Rather a waste of time in my case. My late mother used to refer to herself as Heinz 57. As a result of her marrying my father I am definitely Heinz 57+ and if I may be permitted to be a trifle vulgar damn bloody proud of it. It’s what in my multi-racial genes that has enabled me to survive.

  5. Susan Higginbotham

    Neat, isn't it? I hope the money tree will bloom again and I can get some more of the prints in the series!

  6. Blimey, Margaret looks scary! I can almost imagine her with a frying pan in one hand if Henry puts one foot out of line! Or maybe the dog will bite him on the ankle!

    Great find though!

  7. Scarey? This picture looks like it's been lifted from the original illustrations of 'Alice in Wonderland' with MOA being based on the Ugly Duchess and H6 on the Tweedles. Those in Agnes Strickland are almost as bad and Victorian illustrations as a whole leave a lot to be desired including the Pre-Raphelites.

    Mind you some of the 20th/21st century aren't much to shout about either.

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