Some Website Additions, and a Support Group

First, if you haven’t seen it already, do stop by Alianore’s blog for The Support Group for People Unfairly Maligned in Historical Fiction. It’s hilarious, and, alas, all too true! I was pleased to see that Margaret of Anjou (maligned as an adulteress), Katherine Woodville (maligned as a child molester of the young Harry Buckingham), and William Hastings (maligned as a rapist of a virgin peasant girl) all showed up, as did Richard III (treated as impossibly bad or impossibly good). Do check out Edward II’s, Piers Gaveston’s, and Hugh le Despenser the younger’s comments as well, along with Henry VIII’s wives and the unfortunate “Pimp Daddy Boleyn.”

Second, I’ve updated my website to add some pieces on Margaret of Anjou that have already appeared on this blog, plus some further reading on her. I’ll be adding more Margaret-related material to my website in the future, as well as a feature called “In Their Own Words,” in which I’ll reprint various writings found in the public domain, such as letters and wills. I’ll keep you posted!

5 thoughts on “Some Website Additions, and a Support Group”

  1. Susan, thanks so much for providing a link to Alianore's blog! It was a very entertaining read- I even made a suggestion add the Infanta Constance of Castile to the group.

  2. Thanks for the link, and glad you enjoyed the post.

    Looking forward to reading your Margaret of Anjou pieces!

  3. Susan Higginbotham

    Caroline, you're welcome! I liked your suggestion about Constance. I would love to see a novel written from her point of view.

    Alianore, looking forward to more!

  4. Thanks for telling me about Alianore’s support group. I’ve suggested another distressed gentleman to add to the list – Henry VII. Perhaps Annette Carson should change the title of her book to ‘Henry the maligned King‘ it would seem more apt!

    As you know I’m doing my best to assist all these distressed gentlefolk though the fourteenth century will have to wait until I’m finished with the fifteenth and it seems that are plenty of candidates for the twelfth, thirteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth as well but never mind it keeps the old brain box ticking over quite nicely. I’m as busy now as I was before I became a lady of leisure – ha, ha, ha – but at least I’m doing what I want to do and getting a kick out of it even it means sometimes kickbacks.

    Believe it or not I’ve just discovered a Woodville historical society in the UK. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they check out my contact details!

    Anyway safe journey, happy landings, have a ball but don’t consume too much free alcohol or tobacco and if you can’t be good be careful – my late mom’s advice.

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