Short ‘n’ Sweet

I visited my Amazon page today and was pleased to find that my Amazon Short, a short piece of historical fiction called The Justiciar’s Wife, is available for download now, for the princely price of 49 cents. (Yup, that’s my mug on the cover.) It’s set during the Barons’ Wars of thirteenth-century England and features Aline le Despenser, mother of the Hugh le Despenser the elder who appears in The Traitor’s Wife.

7 thoughts on “Short ‘n’ Sweet”

  1. Susan Higginbotham

    For some reason, Amazon Shorts seems to reject orders that don’t have a US zip code. Feel free to try Apex, North Carolina, 27502 for the city, state, and zip and see if that makes it happy.

  2. Yes, I emailed them and they said that due to the creative licensing agreement they can only sell to the US…or something like that!

    I’ll try a couple of different options and see if I can get hold of it!

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