Sheep and Stuff

I’m honored to say that The Traitor’s Wife is the July book of the month over at the Historical Fiction bulletin board. (Look under “Readers’ Groups,” then “Book of the Month.”) Swing on over, sign up, and feel free to post a question on the Book of the Month thread! Aside from the one about yours truly, there’s lots of interesting discussions there, and anyone with an interest in historical fiction is welcome to sign up!

In my work-in-progress, the hero, Hugh, eldest son of Hugh le Despenser the younger, has a manor at Mapledurwell in Hampshire. While surfing for some pictures of the area, I found these cute little guys. I like to think that some of their ancestors lived on the manor when Hugh and his wife were there.

5 thoughts on “Sheep and Stuff”

  1. Oh, they are sweet, aren’t they? Lambs seem to like playing “I’m the King of the Castle” on old tree-stumps and the like – great fun to watch. You’ll have to work them into the novel, even if only as a one-liner.
    Congratulations on being chosen as Book of the Month. I have hopes of being able to dig my way out from under a pile of work and join in the discussion for once!

  2. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, all! Tristi, good to see you! Yes, I’ve got to get the lambs in there somewhere. Maybe his wife could adopt a baby one . . .

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