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It’s been a busy last few days, between the day job and it being tax time here, but I thought I’d post several recent search terms used to reach my website. (Most have been distressingly sensible and straightforward lately.)

susan higginbotham resigns
Wishful thinking from an unhappy blog reader?

elizabeth de burgo’ and cambridge black widow
I really don’t like the sound of this one. Neither, I’m sure, did Mr. de Burgoâ€

duchess of york legs photo
Now there’s a person with a obsession.

lady marries hand her own
Surely a dating service could have saved this poor woman from this fate. And on which hand did she wear her wedding ring? Did the hand have its own wedding ring?

4 thoughts on “Search Terms”

  1. Mayhap this is a side of readers we authors would prefer not to know about? Scary. Mostly for my own blog, The Blue Lady Tavern, I get people looking for the famous “blue lady” who is said to haunt a historic Hollywood hotel

    Nan Hawthorne
    “An Involuntary King” due out late summer 2008

  2. LOL Susan!
    My searches have been sensible for too long too! Good to see there are still some strange people around to make us laugh!

  3. Poor Mr de burgo’! My search results are starting to get more interesting these days, after a very dull few weeks.

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