Search Terms–They’re BAAAAACK!

what does Mary Boleyn look like today

In all honesty, probably not very good.

why they thought anne boleyn was a witch for kids

To be followed by “Why They Thought Anne Boleyn was an Adulteress for Kids.”


It might be good to narrow this one down just a tad.

how ot adress a letter to henry vii

“Dear Usurper” might be inadvisable.

mini richard feet

Perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree.

I am in love with richard the third

Hallmark is working on a card for this now.

Richard III tattoo

They say it’s getting all of the little pointy things on the crown done that hurts the most.

anybody with the last name higginbotham naked photos

Plainly an ill-advised ploy to check for Richard III tattoos.

4 thoughts on “Search Terms–They’re BAAAAACK!”

  1. I’m trying to imagine why anyone would address a letter to Henry VII, unless it’s for novel-writing purposes.

    I should do another one of these myself, except that most of the searches I get are either for specific books or questions about the sexual techniques used by Anne and Mary Boleyn, which gets dull very quickly.

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