Search Terms, January and February 2011!

Does a search term post need any introduction?

compact of thankless earth – analysis

Some things are best left unanalyzed, I always say.

illustrated naked and helpless women in literature

Find an interest in life and pursue it, I always say also.

who the father of edward of lancaster?

Richard, Duke of York. Run and put that on Wikipedia. Now.

this is the most commonly reproduced depiction of edward v of england and richard of shrewsbury 1st duke of york otherwise known as the princes in the tower.they were the only living sons of edward iv and after his death were brought to london. edward was held in the tower of london after his coronation and richard joined him after being forced out of sanctuary with their mother. they were declared illegitimate by an act of parliament and richard duke of gloucester edward iv’s brother was made king richard iii.the princes were kept in the tower and it believed that they were eventually murdered or else died of plague. either way it was royal ambitions of richard iii that condemned them to their imprisonment and their early deaths.

In case you’re wondering why Google was down the other day, this search string is why.

melusine despencer

Ah, so that’s how the battle of Boroughbridge was won.

melusina water goddess elizabeth woodville

Watch out, Woodvilles! Melusine has been cheating on you with the Despensers!

susan higginbotham she-wolves

Only when I don’t have my morning Coca-Cola.

a photo of margaret of anjou the wife of henry vi

She meant to get it developed when she got to England in 1471, but stuff happened.

5 thoughts on “Search Terms, January and February 2011!”

  1. It seems to me some people don't think about what they're actually typing… I turn into quite a she-wolf around 430pm if I haven't had chocolate. Maybe the Wars of the Roses could have been avoided if there were such things as Dove chocolates and Starbucks.

  2. Nan Hawthorne

    Your quips are great.. but the searches leave my head reeling. I take it that last one was not by one of the Jeopardy Teen Tournement winners?


  3. Nan Hawthorne

    You might find it coincidental that the word verification I just got was "neddies".


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