Search Terms!

It’s time for some search terms!

did elizabeth woodville have a son with edward

No. Those princes in the Tower that people have been arguing about for centuries are purely theoretical.

night justiciar cat games

So that’s what they’re meowing about at 3 a. m.!

who did edward 4 th daughter elizabeth marry

Some Welsh dude, I’m told.

harry stafford duck of buckingham

Sometimes nobility just isn’t what it’s quacked up to be.

was edward of westminster a monster?

I don’t know, but primary sources make it clear that he wasn’t a duck.

did henry iii rape anne boleyn

No. That was Simon de Montfort, silly.

king richard 111 aneurin barnard where should richard be buried?

Shouldn’t someone consult the actress who played Anne?

elizabeth woodville lesbian

And you thought Jane Shore was visiting sanctuary just to plot.



19 thoughts on “Search Terms!”

  1. Some Welsh dude! I love your sense of humour. It must help when you read inane comments. Er… Um… Ah.

  2. Yes, I enjoy your sense of humour as well Susan, and you need it with some of those comments. That last one is just unbelievable!

    1. Thanks! Someone pointed out that it might have come from Alan Savage’s book about Margaret of Anjou, which has Margaret/Elizabeth whoopie.

  3. I love the Simon de Montfort! And the duck…
    Simon reminds me of a lady asking me about film footage by the Romans…
    I decided to treat it as a joke, and answered that to my regret the ancient Romans left very little decent film footage.
    The answer was: Oh really, that’s too bad then!

    Now, that answer dropped my jaw! LoL

    1. Actually, I think the comment you got was worse. At least the Henry iii thing might (please. please, please) be attributed to a typo!

        1. Lets suppose that there was a typo, and the question was: “Did Henry VIII rape Anne Boleyn”?

          I would have been tempted to answer

          ” Oh, no! She raped him! Anne Boleyn, a rather unattractive girl, (six fingers and all) bewitched poor Henry and made him her sexual slave, and also made him do all of the dreadful things (even after her death) that he did because she was a witch and killed a chicken during a certain phase of the moon….

      1. Although my jaw still drops occasionally, I have heard and read so many silly or downright stupid things, that it is sometimes difficult to think I still can be surprised.
        I had to do an exam at the Amsterdam university once, where one of the questions was: In which age would you place Rosa Luxemburg and Trotsky.
        I thought this was one of the easiest questions ever. To my surprise one of my fellow students admitted he had never heard of these names.
        Another thought Rosa must have been a grand duchess of Luxemburg. Because, wasn’t it a country with a grand duchess? Admittedly, he *was* puzzled by the name Trotsky…
        And these were people studying for academic careers…

      1. Actually, it got worse… so I almost ended up with a dislocated jaw!
        She was the librarian of a local library that decided to “do” history. “The meeting place for the community’s generations!”
        We had several meetings, where I was asked in my capacity as one of the regional archivists and historian. The town where the building of the library is situated was built in the 19th century, when a canal was built between the Amsterdam harbour and the North Sea.
        The librarian said: “We have no history here before 1870.” Which ignited me to remind her of the ancient Roman port, the nearby villages (one of them with a church that has 12th century remains), the many grand houses built in this area during the 17th and 18th century by wealthy Amsterdam merchants and bankers. All dating pre 1870.
        It was after that (at least she did remember some of what I told!) that she asked for the film footage left by the Romans…
        After two years, the project proved to be a failure. One wonders why…
        Perhaps because I decided to give up? LoL

  4. It’s a shame that the one about Henry III and Anne Boleyn is probably just a typo, because I’d love to read that novel. (BTW, since you know more about this period than I do — is there *any* backing at all for the story about Isabella of Angouleme taking lovers and finding one hanged over her bed which is more substantial than “a chronicler writing forty years later thought it would spice up the narrative a little”? I’ve seen her adulterousness cited as fact in at least one recent non-fiction book and was suspicious).

    1. As I recall, the story is suspect. I have the new bio of Henry III out of the library–maybe there will be something there about his mother.

      1. Thanks — it sounded unlikely on the face of it, but I know so little about the 13th century and sourcing that I didn’t want to come right out and contradict it.

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