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I was going to do a post about the different accounts of the death of Edward of Lancaster, but then I realized that there was a very comprehensive account of them in Appendix 2 of P. W. Hammond’s The Battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury. So I’ll refer you to that and, instead, turn to the more frivolous subject of search terms. Here’s how people have been reaching my website and Historical Fiction Online lately:

edawrd ii long term causes

It’s strongly believed that Edward II was caused by his parents, Edward I and Eleanor of Castile.

uncle dickon shakespeare

You read it here first (and possibly last): Shakespeare was actually one of Richard III’s nephews in disguise.

susan higginbotham clear

Well, I can only hope so.


Keep on typing . . . You can do it . . .

how to become a royal minstrel in edward ii

Practice, my dear boy. Practice.

historians admit to inventing ancient greeks

We knew it all along, didn’t we?

kathleen kent traitor s wife


did elizabeth woodville have hair

No. Her shame about being bald, not anything to do with Richard III, is why she fled to sanctuary in 1483.

long hair gets wrapped around vacuums

Well, at least Elizabeth Woodville was spared that.

william de forz i ve always worrried about him

He’s a big boy. He can take care of himself.

list funny analogies

Anything to take one’s mind off Wiliam de Forz.

how can i marry royalty?

Get away from your computer and mingle.

5 thoughts on “Search Terms!”

  1. Hehehe, those are really funny. Love the Edward II minstrel and the worried about William de Forz ones!

  2. P W Hammond – isn't he the co-editor along with Rosemary Horrox of Harleian 433?

    Sorry to have been out of touch of late. Been wandering round Ancient Rome courtesy of Plutarch. So what have I picked up from the original Greek text that is going to give Colleen a bad hair day?

    And Ragged Staff wonders what advantage there is in being multi-lingual!

  3. I do find these searches very funny! Poor Eliabeth Woodville and her hair – or lack of it:> I'm sure she'd be an expert on marrying royalty!

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