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It’s the first of the month, so you know what that means! Here are some search terms that people used to reach my website and that of Historical Fiction Online:

internet sources claim that

Just fill in the blank with the looniest thing of which you can think, and you’ll have it.

are there woodvilles still alive in england today?

There are, and boy, are they pissed.


This one has a sort of Zen-like quality to it.

elizabeth queen witchcraft melusine

What an original idea for a novel. I bet no one’s ever thought of it before.

the stolen crow higganbotham

Coming in 2012, the sequel: The Purloined Partridge.

i have bifocals 2010 college

Well, I had bifocals too in my youth, but I see no need to brag about it.

historical fiction convent

That sounds sort of fun.

do witches think of herons as protectors

Melusine, what do you think?

how to deal with russian stress accents

Just take a deep breath, and if that doesn’t work, pop a Valium.

how did they use ships in rome?

Most likely on the water.

being called an anglo-saxon is an insult

Note to self: do not call a touchy poster an Anglo-Saxon.

is elizabeth woodville bald

It’s a little-known fact, but this is actually how Richard, Duke of Gloucester got her to release her younger son into his care–by threatening to reveal Elizabeth’s baldness. Remember, you heard it here first.

7 thoughts on “Search Terms”

  1. Hahahaha!! Oh I love those! The historical fiction convent does indeed sound a bit fun!!

  2. Very funny, Susan. Search terms are so random! The funniest search to reach my blog so far s "I've almost done the dusting" – no convents or crows for me!

  3. Ha! This was a really good set. I really wonder what was on the mind of the person who asked how the Romans used boats.

  4. This gave me a good laugh! I'd love to go live in a historical fiction convent…that's a dream come true!

  5. Nan Hawthorne, Shield-wall Books

    OMG! How does someone come up with something like that last??? They have to have had a reason. And how interesting that the Roman ship question found your site…

    As to Anglo Saxon being an insult.. King Lawrence takes violent exception to that.

    Nan Hawthorne

  6. Re Stolen Crow and Purloined Partridge

    No doubt to be followed by The Robbed Robin (2014),the Nicked Nightingale (2016)and The Mugged Magpie (2018.)

    As for how they used ships in Rome – short answer they didn't not after 3BC owing to the many shallow stretches of the Tiber, a sandbar at the mouth and the constant silting up. A propos Rome you're not proposing to do a Colleen McCullough are you?

    As for the historical fiction covnent – oh that's easy. It's a specialist retreat for female authors where they can spend time meditiating on their next masterpeice in peace and quiet. Laptops and mobiles(cellphones) are not permitted.

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