Search Terms!

First, I’m winding up my blog tour today. Thanks to everyone who hosted me. It was fun!

And now, here’s some search terms for you. (I cheated a little this time and pulled some from the report for Historical Fiction Online, which I co-administer.)

melusine- water witch- english

None of those foreign water witches, please.

jean plaidy sex

Would you lay off the poor woman? Sometimes “I’m dead, don’t bother me” means exactly that.

either hugh

Any port in a storm, huh, Edward?

elizabeth woodville stripped

So that’s the explanation behind that mysterious pole unearthed at Greenwich.

anglo saxons women being virtuous

The plot line here could possibly use a little work.

be as perfect as diane de poitiers

We can only try.

the acts of king arthur and his noble nights why does lancelot leave the feast?

He was watching his weight.

north carolina codpiece

Well, we have a state bird and a state flower, so why not?

can someone write my novel pitch?

I foresee problems for this guy’s agent. Big problems.

8 thoughts on “Search Terms!”

  1. Oh those are fantastic!

    A North Carolina codpiece? I suppose that differs from a Texas codpiece?

  2. Maybe someone in North Carolina would like a codpiece? Which then begs the question: why?

  3. Perhaps because they saw Adam Lambert's sparkly codpiece and thought it was a successful fashion statement?

    either hugh

    Any port in a storm, huh, Edward?

    Poor Ed. Although I suppose there were so many Hughs that he could justifiably have been confused, but to be reduced to that…

  4. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, all! I have a theory that the recession is driving some of our men in North Carolina out of their oversized pickup trucks, forcing them to find other ways to assert their masculinity–hence, codpieces with lots of padding!

  5. Those were great! I had forgotten you're in NC, too. I am not sure what is up with the codpiece, though. hmm..

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