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I couldn’t do a search term post last month because, alas, all of the searches were downright boring and straightforward. This month, however, is somewhat of an improvement.

(Strangely enough, I got a lot of searches for “Elizabeth Woodville and witchcraft.” Has someone written a novel about her involving witchcraft?)

Without further ado, here’s the other searches:

gardner s 2007 article the importance of timing when implementing new projects

Or when searching for articles written two years ago.

the miseries of buckinghams towers

If there’s one thing I cannot bear to see, it’s a building in distress.

pro richard iii why?

Often I wake up at night screaming the same thing. Why? Why?

susan higginbotha
ssan higinbotham

Missing keyboard letters: the silent epidemic sweeping the world. Help now before it’s too late.

9 thoughts on “Search Terms!”

  1. Nan hawthorne, Shield-wall Books

    A second thank you from me.

    Want a laugh? Go to Yahoo Answers and read some of the History and Authors and Books questions. My favorite so far: "I have a history question on the past."

    Nan Hawthorne

  2. Haha. Love starting my day with a good laugh.

    How do you get these "searches?" I am a blogging newbie. 🙂

  3. Love them! A good giggle to the start of another day on the website! Loved the missing letters one. Also – I'm glad to see that someone else gets phases of boring searches too – I thought it was just me lol!

  4. Nice post.

    I just finished "Hugh and Bess" and really enjoyed it. A great blend of accurate and interesting history combined with a well-written and imagined story. Hugh was one of the best male chracters I have come across in a while. I look forward to your next books.

  5. Susan Higginbotham

    Melanie, Nan, glad you got a giggle!

    Robinbird, I get my website search terms from Tiger Tech, which hosts my website, but there are also services you can use that will track your blog statistics. I have Site Meter on mine (the free version), but the last time I tried to check searches on it it was less than cooperative. I'm thinking of switching to something else for my blog.

    LadyD, I know what you mean! Why must people be so sensible?

    Ann, thanks! I'm glad you liked Hugh.

  6. Search terms? Don’t talk to me about search terms! AH how much simpler life was in the City when all one had to do was type in ‘German banks’ or ‘American insurances’ or ‘Swiss gnomes’.

    History is full of etymological pitfalls. Just think of all the variants of Woodville/Wdyeville! And what about one Feet of Fines record I came across in which the surname of the quitclaimer was spelt three different ways!

    For the last few weeks following up on some interesting information I‘ve been looking into medieval religious history in respect of women. OK I’ll come clean – I’m absolutely hooked on medieval women. All those Elizabeths and Annes and Margarets not to mention all those fascinating Eleanors (or Alianore if you prefer) and Isabellas. So much more interesting than all those boring Edwards/Henrys/Richards and equally boring Charles/Louis. At least Maximilian and Ferdinand have some pizzazz, some panache about it.

    Believe it or not going religious could be quite liberating. If you thought nun was nun was nun, think again. All those different categories, sometimes depending on the country, and that is before one considers other types such as anchorites and recluses including stay-at-home nuns or nuns in communal houses not convents or nuns who didn’t belong to any official Order at all.

    So there was I searching on one monastic term only to find it had a modern day Spanish counterpart and the first two pages of websites that came up were Spanish! In the case of one Italian variant, it didn’t matter which search engine I used, the same question came up every time ’Do you mean pinscher?’ as in Doberman. I nearly ended up kicking Google in the googlies!

    And if you want to know what is meant by ‘kicking someone in the googlies’ take an educated guess. I don’t know what the situation is your side of the pond but over here an obscene publication is a criminal offence. It’s for the same reason I’m not going to tell you the joke about what happened when an American mobster who had decided to go respectable and had been advised by his PR consultant to go literary sent one of his sidekicks to get him a copy of ‘Richard the Third’. I’ll give you a clue – he came from the Bronx.

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