Search Term Season!

Yup, it’s that time of the year again! Here are searches people have used to reach my website over the last couple of months:

was elizabeth woodville nice?

Certainly. That was:

edward iv s reason to marry elizabeth woodville

was elizabeth woodville beautiful?

Probably, but she was mainly nice.

how to hate elizabeth woodville

Easy to do if someone is beautiful and nice. Just jealousy, of course.

how played the duke off buckinghams sister in the tudors

Most likely, without many clothes on

formula for historical fiction novel

Find some history. Write about it. See? I’ve saved you the expense of all of those writing classes.

how did edward deal with his enimies

Threw dictionaries at them until they begged for mercy.

dr. susan higginbotham

That has such a nice ring to it.

was the woodville family social greedy

Sadly, they might have been. According to Mancini, they were always the first at the hors d’oeuvres at any party.

why did duke of buckingham not kill the princes

Because Katherine kept him busy doing chores around Brecon Castle.

the first name of duchess the man

That’s Mr. Duchess to you, sonny.

how to become a king maker wife

First, find a king and ask who made him. Then get a good makeover, get some Botox treatments if necessary, and make sure you get invited to every party at which the kingmaker will be present. Then just let him talk about himself and ask a few intelligent questions from time to time, and wedding bells will soon be ringing.

what did piers gaveston look like?

Hot, I tell you. Hot.

glass drink despenser with stand

You’ll need that drink after you’ve finished thinking of Piers Gaveston.

read book of edward ii

I couldn’t agree more. Read one now (check the sidebar for a suggestion).

wars of the roses university

I would so love to attend this.

elizabeth woodville on horse back portrait

This is what you can paint if you’re an art major at the Wars of the Roses University.

does gaveston use his relationship with edward to gain power and status?

No. Just lots of bling-bling.

11 thoughts on “Search Term Season!”

  1. Oh my! I want to attend the Wars of the Roses U as well!! Not sure what my major would be though…

  2. Susan Higginbotham

    Well, if you were in a dorm with Edward IV and Hastings, you'd probably want to pick something you could just cruise through.

  3. misadventuresofmoppet

    I'm beyond intrigued by 'how to become a king maker wife.' I'm imagining this came from a former hedge fund wife now looking for other options.

  4. LOL Dr Susan! I love the searches that appear here – and your rsponses! A real tonic! served from a drinks despencer, of course!

  5. glass drink despenser with stand

    You'll need that drink after you've finished thinking of Piers Gaveston.

    Especially if you're following that thought up with drinking Despenser.

  6. No sex searches this time? You really need to sneak some naughty remarks into your blogposts. 🙂

  7. LOL, those are great – especially the Piers one, of course! Also love the idea of a wars of the roses university.

  8. Brilliant! Loved the Piers ones! Obviously 'Drinks' Despenser is an obscure member of the Despenser family that I haven't got round to doing a post on yet 🙂

  9. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, folks! Moppet, i think you might be right about that hedge fund wife. Anjere, that tonic sounds good for my head cold! Gabriele, I'll work on those naughty terms. Alianore, maybe they can have an Edwards University! Ceirsearch, you're right–high admissions standards must be maintainted for WORU. Lady D, I hope "Drinks" Despenser can be restored to his rightful place in history–a guy who didn't do much militarily or administratively, but who was always the life of the party.

  10. I'm not sure which cracks me up more — the search terms, or your comments! But probably the latter. By the way, if you locate the Wars of the Roses University, do, please let me know… 🙂

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