Richard III, "The Simpsons"-Style

The other night, “The Simpsons” did an episode which featured Homer attempting to build a diorama of Westminster Abbey. Anne of Cleves showed up briefly, which reminded me that some time ago, “The Simpsons” presented its own version of Henry VIII and his wives. Which got me to thinking (always a dangerous thing), isn’t it time that “The Simpsons” did a show on Richard III? The Shakespearean Richard III, of course–the nice guy Richard wouldn’t work at all for these purposes.

So in order to give the writers of the show a head start, I’ve already done the casting for them. All I need to do now is wait and collect a portion of the payment when they write the episode.

Richard III: Bart Simpson. Who else?
Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham: Milhouse Van Houten
Edward IV: Homer Simpson
Elizabeth Woodville: Marg Simpson
Elizabeth of York: Lisa Simpson
The Princes in the Tower: Rod and Todd Flanders
Margaret of Anjou: The Crazy Cat Lady
Henry VI: Hans Moleman
George, Duke of Clarence: Barney Gumble
Margaret Beaufort: Agnes Skinner
Henry VII: Principal Seymour Skinner
Bishop Stillington: Reverend Lovejoy
William Hastings: Lenny Leonard
Anthony Woodville: Ned Flanders
James Tyrell: Nelson Muntz

This is proving harder than I thought, for there’s a lot to be said for casting Moe as Richard III. However, doing that would make the graphic below impractical:

So if you don’t like my casting, eat my shorts.

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  1. Ah, just what I always have dreamed for… Anthony Woodville saying “Okely dokely”!

    Nan Hawthorne

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