Quiz Day

Yesterday, I went to a used bookstore and returned with a copy of Fatal Majesty by Reay Tannahil. I’m kicking myself today for not buying The Marriage of Meggotta by Edith Pargeter, but have just remedied that situation through my faithful pickpocket Amazon. When I came home, a copy of Sweet Passion’s Pain by Karen Harper was waiting patiently in my mailbox for me, with a 1980’s cover as silly as promised in Sarah Johnson’s blog. (It’s about Joan “the Fair Maid of Kent,” and from my skim last night appears to be fairly good, though with more about Joan’s nipples than I really need to know.)

More historical novels are on the way, so I’ll have lots to blog about in days to come.

In the meantime, having seen the link on Stephanie’s blog, I took this “Which Jane Austen character Are You?” quiz courtesy of Quiz Farm. I scored, just as every intelligent young woman should, as Elizabeth Bennet. (Actually, I’ve always thought of myself more as Anne Elliot, but she wasn’t on the quiz that I could tell.)

This is the second online quiz of this sort I’ve taken. On the last one, concerning people from Edward II’s reign, I scored as the Earl of Kent. Sadly, the quiz no longer seems to be available online, but you can read more about the ill-fated earl on Alianor’s blog.

Being in the quiz mood now (and, let’s face it, at an obvious loss for something else to post about today), I took the Which Wife of Henry VIII Are You? quiz (link in the sidebar) and came out as Katherine Parr. Not a huge surprise there, and at least I get to keep my head, which I didn’t as the Earl of Kent.

I then finished off my quizzing journey by taking the What Dickens Character Are You? quiz. (No sidebar link because my attempt to post it got Blogger mad at me.) Rather to my surprise, I turned out as Walter Gay, which was rather depressing, because he marries Florence Dombey, and I’ve never liked Florence Dombey. She’s one of the few Dickens characters I don’t like, as a matter of fact. Bummer.

Obviously, Mrs. Jellyby wasn’t among the possible text results.

5 thoughts on “Quiz Day”

  1. I am Elinor Dashwood. Hmm, I don’t know Austen well enough to know what this means. Time to do some Googling.

    I’m also glad to hear that the cover of Sweet Passion’s Pain lived up to expectations.

  2. I’d take Elinor Dashwood as a compliment. She’s the sensible, controlled, intelligent one in Sense and Sensibility.

  3. I suppose on the surface I may seem sensible and controlled, but the quiz didn’t ask me anything about my nutso schedule or my perpetually messy desk.

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