Post Number 299: My New York Trip

I spent this Easter weekend in the very un-medieval atmosphere of New York City:

Friday, though it got off to a bad start when my daughter’s suitcase went missing, was notable for a nice lunch I had with Susan A.

On Saturday, I made a visit to the booklovers’ paradise, The Strand. That’s me in the gray coat in front. You don’t want a close-up, trust me, it was a bad hair day:

I actually acted with great restraint at the Strand, only buying three books (Antonia Fraser’s biography of Marie Antoinette, Chris Given-Wilson’s Chronicles, and Compton Reeves’ Pleasures and Pastimes in Medieval England).

Most of the time, we just walked around the different neighborhoods, taking a long subway ride now and then just to get off our suburb-accustomed feet. (I’m a subway aficionado.) Just before we went to the airport on Sunday, we stopped by St. Paul’s Chapel in lower Manhattan. As I’m fond of old tombstones, I took a picture of this rather portly winged head:

Now, back to work, and back to thinking of post 300!

5 thoughts on “Post Number 299: My New York Trip”

  1. A visit to Strand Bookstore is surely a good reason to go to NY for the weekend! I have ordered from there before, but am not sure that I would be up for a weekend jaunt to NY from Australia!

  2. Lynn Irwin Stewart

    Nice to “see” you, Susan and nothing at all wrong with the way you look…and when you click on the picture…

    I’ve always wanted to go to the Strand but every time I’ve been in New York, I haven’t had the time. Next time, I’ll MAKE time!!

  3. Susan Higginbotham

    Carla, that’s a great description of the headstone!

    Amanda, that would be quite a jaunt!

    Susan, it was great meeting you! Suitcase finally arrived at 10 p.m. on Friday. The reunion was a joyous one.

    Lynn, I didn’t know that would happen when one clicked that picture! Definitely make time for the Strand!

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