Plantagenet (and Tudor) Game Shows

While looking at the statistics for my website today, I saw that someone had used the search term “Plantagenet game shows.” So naturally, I decided that just in case the searcher tries again, it was time to create some Plantagenet game shows. And being the bighearted soul that I am, I’ve created a few Tudor ones as well. Here, therefore, are some royal game shows and their hosts (the shows are taken from a Wikipedia list of American game shows):

Edward II: “Just Men!”

Edward III: “The Name’s the Same”

Henry VI: “Family Feud”

Elizabeth Woodville: “The Love Connection”

Edward IV: “Studs”

Edward V: “The Big Surprise”

Richard III:  “I’d Do Anything”

Elizabeth of York: “How’s Your Mother-in-Law?”

Henry VII: “Show Me the Money” (alternative, “Okay, Mother”)

Henry VIII: “Your Number’s Up”

Catherine of Aragon: “He Said, She Said”

Anne Boleyn: “Love Me, Love Me Not”

Jane Seymour: “You’re in the Picture”

Anne of Cleves:  “Next”

Katherine Howard: “I’ve Got a Secret”

Katherine Parr: “Whew!”

3 thoughts on “Plantagenet (and Tudor) Game Shows”

  1. Ah, here you’re hiding. 🙂

    I’m sure someone needs a House Makeover, too, or Become A Millionaire, requires the help of the Super Nanny (Henry II and Eleanor?) or wants to say Goodbye England and start over somewhere else where the sun is brighter. And how about a suitable candidate for England’s Idol (didn’t Richard Lionheart play the harp?) 🙂

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