New Year’s Resolutions

No, not mine: they’re way too boring. Thanks to Nan Hawthorne‘s suggestion, these are New Year’s Resolutions of some people we all know and love. And Gabriele is joining in over at The Lost Fort! If everyone keeps to their promises, it should be a productive year.


Henry II: To spend more time with my sons.

Brian Boru: No more wives!

Harold Godwinson: To let the fyrd go home early for harvest this year — 1066.

Richard Sharpe: To see Boney.

William of Normandy: To get in touch with my Inner Bastard.

William Rufus: To get more time off from being king, like spending more time hunting in the New Forest.

Robert the Bruce: To spend more time on the web.

Robin Hood: To tell my girlfriend I’m not the Marian kind.

Brother Cadfael: To look into $4 prescriptions at Walmart.

Nan Hawthorne: To keep up with updating better.


Lady Godiva: To work out more often.

Henry II: To spend some real quality time with Eleanor.

Richard I: To pay a visit to that place over the Channel, whatever it’s called. Oh, that’s right—England!

John: To schedule an appointment with that public relations guy.

Hugh le Despenser the elder: To be more strict with little Hugh.

Richard II: To get rid of that Henry Bolingbroke fellow before he really becomes a pest.

Owen Tudor: To get up my nerve to ask Queen Catherine for a date.

Margaret of Anjou: To assert myself more.

George, Duke of Clarence: To get along better with my brother Ned.

Warwick the Kingmaker: Not to sweat the small stuff.

Perkin Warbeck: To find myself.

Thomas More: To complete my unfinished book so that posterity will know what a truly great guy Richard III was.

7 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Too bad there aren’t any more holidays like this for quite a while. Thanks, Susan and Gabrielle, for picking up on this idea.. it was wonderfully fun.. and William of Normandy has gotten at least two votes so far. I added a couple to my list over at Booking the Middle Ages … and I guess Sharpe will have to make up his mind which of ours he wants to do, eg, Gabrielle?

    Happy New Year, y’all.


  2. Interesting resolutions that are fitting for the characters. Well done.

    Happy New Year, Susan.

  3. Brilliant, both of you!

    I would normally join in as well, but for some reason I just can’t get my brain into gear. However, I do think Hugh the younger might need to make a resolution to go and see a shrink about his addiction to lands and power! Oh, and be nice to Isabella for a change too!

    Happy New Year both of you!

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