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First, I want to congratulate Alianore and Lady D on their new Edward II website! It looks great, and is chock-full of information. Stop on by and soak up the Edward II knowledge it contains.

Second, I’ve put a couple of new letters in the In Their Own Words section of my own website, these from Richard III and Henry VII to their respective mothers. I have to say I think Henry’s letter is the more personal and friendly, but take a look and see what you think. (EDIT: After reading a Yahoo posting which claimed that Elizabeth Woodville was one of 16 Woodville siblings who lived to adulthood–when in fact there were only 12, including Elizabeth, who lived to adulthood–I also added my article on the lesser-known Woodville siblings to my website. From what orifice are people pulling this nonsense about the Woodvilles?)

Third, Michele over at Reader’s Respite is giving away a copy of Hugh and Bess. Her only condition is that entrants must agree to read The Traitor’s Wife, which of course suits me just fine. So as a bonus, I’ll send the winner of her giveaway a copy of The Traitor’s Wife! And I’m giving away a second copy of The Traitor’s Wife to anyone who comments here before November 1. (Except for the person who keeps attempting to post spam in Japanese on this blog. Dude, give it up. That’s why I moderate comments.)

25 thoughts on “New Things and Giveaways”

  1. Thanks for the mention! I'm heading over to your website now to look at the letters – they sound interesting!

  2. Would love a chance to win your books – I've heard so many positive reviews on them both!
    jennifer.fahie at hotmail dot com
    Thanks Susan!

  3. Heading over to look at those letters now! They sound interesting.

    Would love to be entered in a drawing for "The Traitor's Wife."

    robinbird_79 AT hotmail DOT com

  4. Allie ~ Hist-Fic Chick

    Hi Susan, I would love to win The Traitor's Wife! My e-mail is HistFicChick (at) gmail (dot) com. THanks! 🙂

  5. Susan, somehow I managed to post the wrong email earlier. My correct email is jenniferfahie at hotmail dot com (no dot in between my name) Thanks!

  6. Neat letters! 🙂

    I'd love to win a copy of The Traitor's Wife. 🙂

    srfbluemama at gmail dot com

  7. The website is amazing.
    And I'd love to be entered in the drawing as well – unless I live too far away.

  8. Ahh, Susan, I LOVED Traitor's Wife and would LOVE to have a copy for my personal bookshelf. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Hugh and Bess.

    Thanks for the great work.

  9. Ahh, Susan, I LOVED Traitor's Wife and would love to have a copy for my personal bookshelf. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Hugh and Bess also.

    Thanks for the great work!

  10. Since I am already the proud owner of both The Traitor's Wife and Hugh and Bess, no need to enter me in the contest!  I just wanted to say I enjoy the letters…and I just started reading The Traitor's Wife and I am enjoying that, too!

  11. I would love a chance to win The Traitor's Wife!
    I just requested a copy of Hugh and Bess though intralibrary loan, and in the meantime I'm reading Mary Clive's biography of Edward IV. I finished reading Reay Tannahill's The Seventh Son two days ago. I liked her balanced characterization of RIII, even though the book is written from a Ricardian viewpoint.
    Thanks for posting the letters on your website! I was especially intrigued by MB's letter to EoY's chamberlain. When MB said EoY was "crased" did that have the same meaning as "crazed" does today or does it just mean sick?

  12. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, folks, keep on signing up! Just wanted to answer Caroline's question–according to the editor, "crased" means sick, not mentally ill.

    I really liked the Tannahill too.

  13. Hi Susan, I would love to read "The Traitor's Wife", please enter me for the giveaway. I read Hugh & Bess last month and loved it!


  14. What a giveaway those letters of Richard III and Henry VII are.

    One is that of a man who if he hasn't reached the end of his emotional tether is not far off and the other is that of a man who has become economical with the truth – Mommy Dearest aint quite so dear anymore

  15. I would love to win The Traitor's Wife, especially after reading A Reader's Respite review of it. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

    austenfanblogs at gmail dot com

  16. I would love to enter for the Traitors Wife drawing, I'ld love to read both the Traitors Wife and Hugh and Bess, both by a great author!!

    Good reading to whoever wins!


  17. In order to totally understand the story of Hugh and the family events, I would read The Traitor's Wife first. So please enter me in this giveaway so I can read this and then Hugh and Bess. Both books sound fantastic.

    bstilwell12 at comcast dot net

  18. And thanks from me, too, for the mention. A bit late, I know but I've only just recovered from getting the thing up lol!

    Loved the Traitor's Wife. Still waiting for Hugh and Bess to be republished over here. Do you know if it will be? Otherwise I shall have to get a second hander 🙁

  19. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks to all who entered!

    Lady D, Hugh and Bess doesn't have a UK publisher, but the new version is available through Amazon UK and Book Depository.

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