New Blog and New Read

Since I yip so much about Richard III on this blog, I’ve started a new one for that very purpose! Check it out here.

I’ve been reading Michelle Moran’s historical novel Nefertiti, even as a stack of books on my shelf to be reviewed grows yet higher and higher. I’m enjoying it thoroughly, but as I have some other writing and reviewing obligations to take care of in the coming weeks (not to mention that pesky day job), I doubt I’ll be giving it a full-fledged review. But it’s well worth checking out, though I confess that what I know about ancient Egypt could fit into a miniature thimble. (If I knew anything about ancient Egypt I’d be able to come up with a better metaphor, for one thing. Any suggestions?)

7 thoughts on “New Blog and New Read”

  1. Michelle Moran

    How about a kohl pot? They were pretty tiny. Although to be honest, I seriously doubt you know that little about ancient Egypt!

  2. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, Carla and Michelle!

    That now-deleted link was, er, cheeky, wasn’t it?

  3. Susan Higginbotham

    Pictures of scantily clad posteriors. All female, alas, unless I stopped looking too early.

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