Meme Time Again: Five Folks I’d Like to Meet

Here’s an interesting meme going around that Carla, Alex, and Gabriele C among others have each picked up on: five historical people you’d like to meet (or to know more about).

This one took a bit of pondering. I excluded people I’ve written about (too likely to say, “Bimbo, you got it all wrong!”) and literary figures, though I’d love to meet Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, and William Shakespeare. (It wouldn’t be much of a meeting, though, as I’d be standing there in gap-mouthed awe.) So here’s my five.

The Princes in the Tower. (I’ll cheat and count them as one.) What actually did happen to the two of them?

Juana “the Mad.” I’ve been reading a novel about her, and she sounds intriguing. Was she a madwoman, the victim of the ambitious men in her life, or both?

Marie Antoinette. Another historical figure about whom interpretations seem to differ widely.

Anne Boleyn. A woman who had a fascinating mixture of qualities, and whom people seem to have either hated or adored.

Edward IV. Was there a precontract with Eleanor Butler or was there not? And would he try to seduce me?

2 thoughts on “Meme Time Again: Five Folks I’d Like to Meet”

  1. “Too likely to say ‘Bimbo, you got it all wrong!'” – ouch! I feel like that. Reminds me of Kipling’s story called something like ‘The Last of the Stories’, and that makes me wince and crawl under the table every time I read it.

    Interesting list that would solve a lot of mysteries! (And the answer to the last question is almost certainly yes, so you’d likely want to specify that you got to meet him in his first reign, before he got fat and sick).

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