Margaret of Anjou on Cosmo

I put this on Facebook a couple of days ago, but for those of you who aren’t there, here’s Margaret of Anjou!

By the way, I’m finally winding down my blog tour. (You can find links to all of my stops on the bar on top of this page.) Now that things are relatively quiet again, I can do some more substantive posts for this blog, hopefully!

4 thoughts on “Margaret of Anjou on Cosmo”

  1. I love your blog posts! And, I also enjoy your guest blog posts. I am very interested in Medieval/Renaissance history and the lives of women during this time. My particular interest is nuns/nunneries/monasteries. Can anyone direct me to books, websites, and blogs where I may glean more information?

    Again, thank you for a wonderful blog and for your writing!


    1. boswellbaxter

      Thanks, Jackie! Have you read Eileen Power’s Medieval English Nunneries? There are other books about medieval nunneries listed on Amazon, but the Power book is the only one with which I’m familiar.

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