Margaret of Anjou Does Facebook

You’ll be glad to know that as I’m snowed in, I’ve taken advantage of the occasion to create a Facebook page for Margaret of Anjou. Do stop by and become a fan. Margaret loves fans, even when they’re not guys with the last name of Beaufort.

A few search terms:

the duke did not discuss his feelings with the duchess because he

Some men just can’t get in touch with themselves, no matter how many self-help books we make them read.

what she done elizabeth woodville

Nothin’! She ain’t done nothin’!

corpus christi coronation how to be a duchess

Possibly getting out of Texas would help.

when the woodvilles die

Patience, dude. Patience.

her body count

Some things are better off just not being known.

jean plaidy let me know what you think about my page.

You might be waiting a while for her to e-mail you back.

buckingham motive suggesting that the prince be brought to london with some little train

It’s a little-known fact that Buckingham was a train buff. All he ever wanted to do was to sit by the track with his engineer’s cap and make “choo-choo” noises. Really.

11 thoughts on “Margaret of Anjou Does Facebook”

  1. Great facebook page, Susan. Before I began to read more about 15th century England, my opinion of MoA was shaped by her portrayal in Shakespeare's Henry VI trilogy. Now I believe that it was she, not RIII, who was the most maligned and tragic figure of the Wars of the Roses-a woman who was all but forced into a situation beyond her control and endured incredible hardships for the sake of her son.

  2. Kathryn (Alianore)

    Hehe, those are great! And am looking forward to reading Margaret's updates on Facebook!

  3. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, Caroline! I'm with you on Margaret!

    Gabriele, I left out the one about fantasies involving Henry VIII. You can probably guess why!

    CelticLady, glad you enjoyed it! Margaret likes Facebook.

    Kathryn, thanks! I'll have to nag Margaret to keep updating. She's a little slow on technology.

  4. These were hilarious, Susan! I'm sure Miss Plaidy would approve of your FB page, which btw, I just joined! 🙂

  5. Always had these deep dark suspicions about Shakespeare.

    Firstly R3 was never intended as a historical play but a pot-boiler tragedy that would knock’em in the auditorium given it follows the same format as other contemporary tragedies, central character an out and out villain, much put upon women – only think of the unfortunate Duchess of (A)Malfi – various characters being bumped off along the way and sometimes a Machiavellian deus ex machina to bring about a ‘just’ conclusion.

    Secondly given some of the historic howlers – Richard 3 taking part in the Battle of Mortimers Cross – he was only 8 at the time – and MoA turning up in R3 when she was already dead- I suspect that the historical plays were actually thinly-veiled political satires and MoA is his irreverent, unpatriotic and possibly treasonable send–up of Liz 1.

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