Keyword Searches of the Month

Here are a few phrases people recently Googled to arrive at my website:

where do i train in ireland to become an embalmer 

I don’t know, but I hope you found something good to read between classes!


Well, that one could be narrowed down a bit . . .

anne neville naked

Shame on you! What would Richard III say?

gilbert de clare property which is said to have been the biggest in england.

Well, after that last one, I hope the searcher was referring to a castle.

8 thoughts on “Keyword Searches of the Month”

  1. anne neville naked


    Just today, I’ve had: ‘infamous lechers’, ‘daughter birthday wishes’, ‘brotherinlaw birthday wishes’, ‘edmund ii death stabbed’, ‘desiderata wall hanging’, ‘beche – bikini’ and ‘henry vi, part one, when i’m dead and gone remeber to’. (Yes, that’s ‘remeber’ and ‘Edmund II’).

    And, I’m happy to report, quite a few people looking for Ed II, Piers Gaveston, Hugh Despenser and Maud Chaworth. 😉 My all-time favourite search that landed on the site was ‘Mr Big and his b*tches’, without the asterisk.

  2. Ha! Great stuff. The best keyword search I ever saw that sent someone to my blog was “buff naked cavemen”. I didn’t know I had posted an article about buff naked cavemen, but apparently so!

  3. Susan Higginbotham

    Alianore, Michelle, I love those!

    Tristi, thanks for stopping by! I wonder if they have study abroad for embalmers?

    Gabriele, my hosting service for my website, Tiger Tech, has a feature where it tracks site traffic, including keywords people use to reach it. I think Site Meter does the same thing for blogs, although I’ve yet to figure out how to get it to show keywords for my blog.

  4. I use on both the blog and the website. It has a feature on the sidebar called ‘by referrals’, which shows you how people reached the site – either the links they clicked on, or the search words they entered.

    (Someone’s just hit my blog by looking for ‘Lady Linda Mortimer’ – Roger had a lot of daughters, but inexplicably he didn’t choose that particular name.)

  5. These are pretty funny! I’ll have to post some popular search terms on my blog soon. One interesting one today was “piers gaveston portrait.”

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