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In a spirit of I-really-ought-to-be-blogging, I’ve just checked an always reliable source of inspiration, the site that lists keywords that people use to reach my website. These two were right next to each other on the list:

hugh despenser and castrated
john tiptoft impaled

Someone needs to settle down with some tea and Jane Austen for a change, I think.

historical romance granddaughter marriage

Not sure that I like the sound of that.


There’s something almost Zen-like about that one.

sex night out pontefract

What about having a sex night in? Just a thought.

richard iii rivers sex

Slash fiction between Richard III and Anthony Woodville? Well, that would explain how Anthony came so readily to meet Richard at Stony Stratford, wouldn’t it? So here goes:

Richard’s letter rested in Anthony’s trembling hands. Gloucester asked him to meet him near Stony Stratford so that their entrance with the young new king into London might be more magnificent. But was there a hidden meaning? Could Richard be seeking to revive what had happened between them that one night so long ago, that night of forbidden love that set Anthony’s senses on fire, just remembering it?

He fingered the hairshirt that he wore beneath his shirt of fine linen. He’d worn it ever since that wild night, in an attempt to forget the desires Gloucester had stirred in him. For a while, he thought he had succeeded. But now, as he held the letter and read in it all of his secret, suppressed longings, he realized that all had been in vain.

Anthony stared at Richard’s signature and its motto beneath: Loyaulte me lie. Even it held promise, he thought as he sank into a blissful daydream.

“Soon, my sweet Gloucester,” he whispered, “it is I who shall lie with you.”

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  1. Great slash! 🙂

    I got someone searching for “Edward II naked” recently. Another slash fan, perhaps…;)

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