Kate Gets a Makeover!

As I’ve probably mentioned here once or twice, The Stolen Crown is due for publication on March 1 of next year. It now has a brand-new cover, so if you’ve got an advance review copy with the old cover, hang on to it as a rarity!

Here’s Kate’s new look. The detail, in case you’re wondering, is from Lady North in a Blue and White Dress by Sir Joshua Reynolds.

By the way, I’m doing the Virtual Advent Blog Tour this year, so check out my entry on December 19. And no, I haven’t the slightest idea of what it will be, but I hope to figure it out soon!

9 thoughts on “Kate Gets a Makeover!”

  1. Wow, I LOVE it so much. I can not wait to get my copy! Soon very soon, I am going to be on it like my husband says "like white on rice". It is very pretty.

  2. Susan Higginbotham

    Thanks, all! I'm very pleased with it–I liked the other one too, but this seems to go better with my other two covers.

    (Not a bad idea about buying that other copy.)

  3. That's a nice design, but jiminy, they're using a painting from the 18th century for a story set in the 15th century? That's so out of period, that seems to me that would backfire. I have a lot of friends who love stories set in the 1700s (and who aren't interested in medieval history), and I know that cover would catch their eye. But then when they saw that it was set in the middle ages, they would probably set it down again. I don't think this is a wise choice on the part of the book designer.

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