June Search Terms

Per the fine folks at Tiger Technologies, who show me what search terms people have used to reach my website:

susan higginbotham bio

“The Childhood Years” has some interesting stuff in it, but “The Teen Years” is a bit of a drag. Skip forward to “The College Years.”

susan higginbothams epidemiology

Only my epidemiologist knows for sure.

brief story of edward ii

He was king. Some people didn’t like that. Including his wife.

did edward ii kill the ladies

No. (What are you trying to do, complicate my story?)

katherine wingfield or katherine wingfield or wingfield katherine

This is a person who’s taking no chances.

jacquetta de luxembourg or jacquetta de luxembourg or de luxembourg jacquetta

If I were a matchmaker, I’d get this searcher together with the last one.

biography and ontributions of king edward 2

Evidently, the letter “c” wasn’t one of them

are there still dukes and duchesses

Yes. Thanks to:

medieval duke and duchess sex

Resulting in:

son of duke and duchess

can isabella of france make you have money

She’s certainly free to try. Just send it to my PayPal account.

7 thoughts on “June Search Terms”

  1. Love these, especially did edward ii kill the ladies and can isabella of france make you have money. Sometimes I really wonder what goes on in people's heads…

  2. LOL – how can Isabella of France make you have money? Maybe she can take your money.

  3. Antonia Woodville

    first, I HATE it when people put further reading in their books. It's pretentious and ostentatious and various other words ending in 'ious'.
    Second, when will the historical world learn that Antony Woodville's name is spelled WITHOUT AN H!!!!!!
    Only medieval sources (and my work) seems to get it right. The H did not appear in the name until the 16th century. Easy to check, I did.
    Third, Lynda Pidgeon should not have chosen the Woodvilles for her thesis, especially the Earl, as she clearly dislikes him. What utter arrant nonsense she writes about someone dead these past 556 years. presupposing his thoughts and feelings when writing his will. I suggest Ms Pidgeon waits for my book, written by the Earl, on his life for FULL details of who he loved and when and why. It makes revealing reading. Unfortunately before we can get there, we have other books to get through … my book for Henry VIII is being edited even as I write this. The editor has called me twice already and it is not yet midday.

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