It’s Official: The Queen of Last Hopes Cover!

Here’s the brand new cover for my forthcoming Margaret of Anjou novel, The Queen of Last Hopes (an earlier version you might have seen got on Amazon UK before it was quite ready)! As you can see, it’s a new look, and check out the nice red rose. (Now to just-er-finish the book.)

10 thoughts on “It’s Official: The Queen of Last Hopes Cover!”

  1. Very pretty and intriguing design- I think it will tempt more than a few customers at Amazon and Barnes and Noble to browse through the book!

  2. It's very pretty. It looke much different than your other books and I"m not sure I would think it was a historical novel – although the word "Queen" in the title might give it away!

  3. Muse in the Fog

    I think this cover will attract more of a variety of readers since it not the typical historical fiction cover! I am really looking forward to reading this 🙂

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