Isabella of France Gets Tagged

Isabella of France was tagged by Alianore and Gabriele Campbell for the “Me Too” meme. (There was some talk about Hugh le Despenser the younger joining in, but he was too busy relieving widows of their unwanted lands to join in right away. Isn’t it sweet of him to take on that responsibility for them?)

I am: Isabella of France, consort to Stupid Edward II
I want:
heads and other assorted body parts to roll.
I wish:
that the person who told my father, “The Prince of Wales will be a perfect match for the girl,” had kept his big mouth shut.
I hate:
my husband’s “good friend” Hugh le Despenser and his father Hugh le Despenser. I don’t even like to hear the words “dispense,” or “dispensation.”
I miss:
my French servants that Stupid Edward sent packing.
I fear:
that Stupid Edward might change his mind and not let me go to France to negotiate for him.
I hear:
Roger Mortimer might be stopping by once I get to France.
I wonder:
what Roger Mortimer looks like naked.
I regret:
not having a peek while he was at the Tower.
I am not:
going to keep thinking about that hunky Roger Mortimer.
I dance:
perfectly when I have a decent partner like some people I could think of.
I sing:
beautifully when there’s someone listening attentively instead of thinking about his darling Hugh.
I cry:
whenever I think of Stupid Edward giving my wedding jewels to Piers Gaveston.
I am not always:
the meek little wife Stupid Edward thinks I am.
I made:
Papa do something about my brothers’ unfaithful wives and their paramours.
I write:
letters to my brother Charlie about Stupid Edward.
I confuse:
those damned Despensers by calling, “Hugh!” and seeing which one looks up. It’s really quite fun.
I need:
a man like you-know-who around.
I should:
just send him a letter telling him to visit me in France. After all, I am the Queen.
I start:
to chortle when I think of all the fun things Roger and I could do together if we could just get my son Ned  to France, and a little money, and some ships, and some followers, and . . .
I finish:
what I start, thank you very much.
I tag:
Well, it might be fun to see what Nest of Deheubarth has to say for herself. And we’d be honored if Geoffrey Chaucer stopped by.

4 thoughts on “Isabella of France Gets Tagged”

  1. Hugh le Despenser Junior has announced he can find time in his busy extortioning schedule to respond to ‘Queen’ Isabella.

    Hugh le Despenser Junior is Very Angry.

  2. Poor Hugh….

    Nest says she would be delighted to respond, as soon as she can get to a computer (she’s been living in a cave with her beloved Owain for the past few months).

  3. I regret: not having a peek while he was at the Tower.

    She could be right. Imagine Mortimer chained to the wall, hair in dissarray and shirt half open, completely at her mercy …

    We had a discussion on a LOTR forum about Éomer not being imprisoned but exiled in the movie. I then suggested they should have had a scene with him in the dungeon, just as described above, and made several Éomer fangirls drooling on their keyboards. One even has written a fanfic about the scene. 🙂

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