In Which This Blog Descends Even Lower Into Silliness

I should be working, but it’s still Thanksgiving weekend and I’m not inclined to be industrious. Fortunately, I came across this site some time ago (I think it was via someone’s blog, but I can’t remember the culprit) and decided finally that it was time to maximize its full potential. So here, without further ado, are previews from my upcoming “History Made Easy” series. Naturally, my first few books will be on Edward II, the Despenser family, the Wars of the Roses, and Richard III. If they do well, I may start a series called “Writing Made Easy,” with the first volume, of course, covering historical fiction.

10 thoughts on “In Which This Blog Descends Even Lower Into Silliness”

  1. Lady Despenser's Scribery

    LOL!!!! I only hope that your blog keeps on descending to these levels as these sort of posts make me laugh so much!

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